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With so much choice on the market, it is becoming increasingly difficult as a consumer to put together their own, custom-made PC without unnecessary input from third parties.

To make the process of assembling your own PC as smooth and simple as possible, we'll walk you through this with a few simple steps.

The most important thing for having your own computer is the guarantee that you can do what you want to use your PC for. As a gamer you naturally want a PC that can run a lot of FPS and beautiful graphics in your favorite games. If you work a lot with modeling, animation, simulation, rendering and video editing, you naturally want a high-end computer that ensures that everything runs quickly and smoothly for your own projects.


Below you can indicate what you want to use your pc for (multiple answers are possible).

Choose the size of your pc.


Do you want to give a touch of "extra" to your PC? You can indicate this below.
Think for example of an RGB keyboard, a curved monitor, or a crispy headset!